Happy New Year, birders and birder-wanna-be’s!

2014 marked the birth and decline of BirdingDaily. We started this blog when Mrs. BadBirder suffered a severe foot sprain, keeping us from doing all the birding we had wanted to do. To give myself something to do (besides making Mrs. B’s tea), I worked away at building this site. It was fun and passed the time nicely.

However, having a hobby blog is not as easy as it seems. Late in the year we experienced a brute force hack attack that led to a crippling of the blog site. As happens, not all our backup protections worked as advertised, and I was not clever enough to figure out how to recreate all the custom coding that I did when I was first setting up the thing. That’s why you’ve been seeing a stock theme for the past couple months, and no posting.

And did I mention that we have actual jobs they pay us (a little) money for doing? And that, when the foot healed, we even went birding from time to time?

Thus, time became scarce and I wasn’t able to pull everything back together as we had hoped.

We have been keeping up the Facebook page and the Twitter stream, but the site has languished.

So our New Year’s Resolution is to get up it and running at full speed again.

But not yet.

I’m sorry, but did I remember to mention that we have jobs? Well, we do, and they are promising to keep us very busy this spring. Plus, we missed last spring with the injury, so we are planning to be outside much more this coming spring. That means the blog will have to wait to get the kind of attention it really deserves.

Our advice, for the meantime, is as follows:

  1. Go birding!
  2. Join your local bird club (and go birding).
  3. Take a trip to one of the amazing birding patches in your area (and go birding).
  4. Support regional and national bird conservation organizations (so everyone can continue to go birding).
  5. Check out all the other great birding blogs that are out there (and then go birding).
  6. Go birding!

So, go away already! We’ll let you know via Facebook and Twitter when we’ve got anything we think you’ll find interesting.



 Did you know that, according to a 158-year-old federal law, [The “Guano Islands Act of 1856,” which is still on the books as 48 US Code Chapter 8] any American who discovers large deposits of bird excrement on an island can legally claim that island as US territory?

Read all about it here: This 1856 law makes it legal to seize islands for America if they have lots of bird crap – Vox.

And did you know that Ian Fleming’s Dr. No operated his island-based criminal empire disguised as a guano processing plant? That’s in the book, where guano operations are a biggish deal. In the movie, however, they changed it to a bauxite plant. Didn’t want Her Majesty’s secret agent 007 Sean Connery slogging through fields of bird shit, I guess. As always, the book was better.